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Our first network behind CheckPoint firewall – basic NAT and Firewall policies

My previous post (link) covered creating a CheckPoint R77.30 VM and a simple NAT’d (NATed/NATted? I don’t know!) network. In this example, we’re going to stray away from scenario. We’re going to create a routed (link) network, as well as one isolated (link) network and add two NICs to our VM so it connects to both networks. Additionally, we will need one Linux VM (I’m going to use Debian) to act as a web server.

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Create your own lab with KVM, LibVirt and Virt-Manager!

Having your own, separate environment to test configurations and scenarios is valuable. Doesn’t matter if you’re working with a product commercially and want to avoid breaking production by testing some change (a wise man once said, Everybody has a testing environment. Some people are lucky enough enough to have a totally separate environment to run production in. [1]) or you’re just a hobbyist that likes to tinker with things, the ability to simply scrap everything and start over without any repercussions is a blessing.

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Good day!

Hello everyone! As this is my first official post on the blog, I’d like to quickly introduce myself and give you a little sneak peek of what this blog will be focused on!

My name is Dawid, I’m 23 years old and I’ve been working in IT for 3 years now. I was first an apprentice, to then become a junior system engineer and finally I found myself working in NOC as a technical analyst.

Enough about work! I always considered myself to be an interesting person but lately I realized that I might not be the the only person to enjoy working on his home lab, playing vidya games and watching TV shows.

On the blog I will be mainly covering Linux, Windows, Networking and, obviously, CheckPoint! Please bear in mind, some (or lots!) of my posts will be a result of my tinkering with things. If you think there’s a better way of doing something and care to explain, please comment!

Comments. Right. First thing I might need to check is if they’re actually enabled!